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Titus Contracting Inc’s Services

The Titus Contracting Inc team has successfully completed many commercial remodeling, construction management and other projects. We’re always about getting the job completed within your budget and in a timely manner. How do we do this? By keeping an eye on your needs, and working with you to make sure everything is going smooth. Since Titus Contracting is a business, we know that even though work is being done, you still need to make a living and, therefore, stay open.


Titus Contracting Specializes In …


Minnesota Apartment Remodeling

Build Outs (Retail, Tenant, Interior)

Whatever you need done with your build out, Titus Contracting is up to the job. Whether you want to add another room or just make your space more functional, we can do whatever is needed to complete your interior build-out. Your space will not only be functional, but will look amazing. We also perform tenant and retail build outs, which take rental properties and


Construction & Project Management

Our team can watch over all facets of your project – planning, design, construction and post-construction. With the proper practices, your capital project is sure to be a success, and Titus Contracting Inc is very familiar with construction and project management, so the work gets done the way you want.


Commercial Remodeling

You won’t be disappointed when you have us do your commercial remodeling. We’re aware of the challenges you face (having your business open during the remodeling, etc.), and our team will combine expertise and experience in order to get the job done.


Titus Contracting Delivers Results

Need a job done in a speedier manner? Titus Contracting can give you the results you need, since we’ve assisted many clients on short notice, and we’re known for being there when other contractors were unavailable.



See what our customers are saying about us!

Titus did an excellent job on our major kitchen remodel. The remodel included flooring, ceiling, lighting, cabinets, countertop, new appliances, and electrical work and was professionally completed on time, on budget, and with a bid that could not be matched with any other bid!

~Paul Jacobsen



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